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Bob Jappe creates wheel-thrown pottery with an aesthetic preference for functional forms and vessels. He believes art enhances life with frequent use, allowing that favorite mug to begin your day or a large platter to showcase a favorite recipe.

A Minnesota native, Bob taught high school art in the Minneapolis area before moving to Colorado. Commercial art consumed his days in Keystone Resort's marketing department and later as owner of an advertising agency and publishing company. The fine art of pottery remained a part-time pursuit through the local art center where he collaborated with talented clay artists, participated in gallery shows, and taught intermediate to advanced pottery classes.

After a 40-year stint on mountain time, Bob moved back to the Midwest to continue his journey in ceramic arts on a full-time basis here at Schmidt Artist Lofts. 



Brad is a working ceramic artist that sculpts narratives using surface ornamentations on ceramic forms to record perceptions on current events and concerns. These forms offer a nod to the history of ceramics with a twist. 


This past year, he was recognized for his work both as a McKnight Fellow and also with a grant from the Mn Artists Initiative. 


Brad is an advocate for  the art of crafting an object from clay. He is responsible for establishing the Holiday Market, the National Ceramics Show, a kids show, and organizing many art fests here at The Schmidt.

He is most comfortable beating clay into submission and whittling shapes into narratives. 

Triage for Broken Pots
Repairing memory thru preservation


Instructor: Brad Menninga

Dates/Times: By Reservation
Location: Pottery Studio

Cost: $35/session

As part of my MFA thesis show I started playing around with ideas about breakage and mending, both technical and conceptual. I have continued off and on since then to work with ceramic repair processes.

As part of my investigation into ceramic mending, I have started the practice of collecting stories about broken pottery that I repair and return to the owner, or preferably work with them to repair the piece and talk about its significance. 

All that's required for this class is:

  • Must have a broken pot with a good story and a good reason for wanting it mended.

  • One individual/couple/family (one broken pot).

Schedule is tailored to you.

ceramic silo.png

Clay Masks

Instructor: Brad Menninga

Dates/Times: By Reservation

Location: Pottery Studio

Cost: $35/class

This class is wonderful for all ages 7 and up the only requirement is that all children (under the age of 18) must have an accompanying adults also registered for the workshop.


A session lasts about an hour.  minimum 5 -maximum 10 students.

ceramics classes

Ice Cream Bowls

Instructor: Brad Menninga

Dates/Times: By Reservation - 1 hr.

Location: Pottery Studio

Cost: $35/class

Class size: 5-10 people


Kids of all ages love this class. What's great about working with kids - is that there is no right or wrong to pottery. There is glory in the mistakes (which are many) and triumphs throughout the process. Plus, you get your hands dirty and there's ICE CREAM!


This class is most appropriate for ages 10 and up who MUST have an accompanying adults also registered for the workshop. 

Wheel-Throwing | Intermediate

Hone your skills at the potter's wheel

Instructor: Bob Jappe



Instruction: Wednesdays starting January 26, 2022 to February 9, 2022, 3-5 p.m.

Studio Time: Saturdays, starting January 29, 2022 - February 12, 10-noon.

Location: Schmidt Clay Studio (Brewhouse)

Pre-requisite: Students must possess the ability to center and open a pound of clay and pull a basic cylinder.

Class size: 2-3 students (semi-private)

Cost: $335/student plus clay


Bob offers students the opportunity to improve their wheel-throwing skills. His techniques and tips help students expand their command of the medium and achieve greater throwing success of their vision. 


Students are required to bring their own tools. Clay $25/bag. Limited glazes are available. Bisque and Cone 5-6 oxidation glaze firings included. Masks recommended.

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